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Have an Honest Conversation About Aging

The following is an excerpt from the upcoming book Chronological Order: The Fine Print for a Large Life, written by Jill Yesko and Laurean Kile. This excerpt is from a larger section of the book that describes what to look for in housing as you age as well as when to have the conversation about moving with your loved ones.


The one thing I see and hear over and over from the many aging clients I have helped is that they do not want their kids to worry. Sadly, most of us will keep our struggles to ourselves and do not seek the support of our families because “they are busy.” Most aging adults feel they will be a burden on their children, and they are not honest about how they are really are. When the out-of-state daughter calls and asks how they are doing, they just reply “great” or “fine.” Their children have no idea that they are now having a hard time mowing the lawn, cleaning the bathroom, and mopping the floor. It is time you take the initiative and get real about what limitations you may have now or in the future and work with your family to find the best solution for you as you continue to age. It may no longer be safe for you to remain in your home, and you may now find it is getting harder to maintain that big house.


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