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5 simple steps Live with Intention:

Step 1: Dream it Up Big! What are your heart’s desires? You have to have a vision for your life -START DREAMING!: What do you want? What do you want to do? Where do you want to go, see, live, experience? If money were no object I would... Write them all down here!

Step 2: Assessment: How are you doing today in Relationships, Family, Career, Social Life, and Spiritual Life?

Step 3: Finish this sentence: I will and must achieve my goals because… (what is your why???)

Step 4: Write down your goals and plot your future timeline. (i.e.: 1 year from now I will…, 5 years from now I will…, 1O years from now I will…) Writing out your goals is powerful! Most of the highly successful people do this daily!)

Step 5: Take ACTION! What is one step you can take today to bring you closer to what you just wrote down!! Without action, your DREAM will remain just that, a dream. Take ACTION and believe in your ability… If you can THINK it you can DO IT!

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